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5/09/04- Happy mothers day all! Sorry I havent updated in a few days, I was having computer problems.

Theres a bunch of new screens over in the photo page and I added a link to the seven designer diaries at gamespot.com on the links page.

5/06/04- Today was Simday at Maxis, we got a preview of some Sims 2 music, find the link on my "Links" page. Also there will be a body shop chat on Thusday, May 13th. Get your questions ready, if you think of any submit them in my guestbook and I'll post the good ones on my "Whats New" Page. For more information on what I think this means read "How Random" on my Custom Page

5/04/04- Maxis has announced that Body Shop will be out sometime this month, for more information visit the Sims 2 official fan site by clicking the link on my Home Page. For information on what i think this means, read "How Random" on my Custom Page.

Site Enhancements

5/09/04- New link added on links page, new screens in screenshots section.

5/06/04- Today I have completed the screens section

5/04/04- I have updated the ABOUT page.. go check it out!