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These sites are all personal favorites of mine and I feel will help you if you would like to know more about TS2.



My Top Three Favorites

The Sims Resource "TSR was established 1999 and has served The Sims community ever since. Today it is the world's largest unofficial The Sims site on the Internet." (from TSR homepage)
World Sims "WorldSims has been nominated at "The Sims 2: Letting You Know Sims 2 Awards" under the Best Site category."

Go here to read all seven Sims2 Designer Diaries

Favorite Sites
Sims 2 Center

First fan site to open strictly devoted to The Sims 2

Sims 2 Talk

Go here to chat about The Sims2

The Sims Stash

Up to date info, tutorials and much more, go here for everything Sims2

Simlish (The-Sims-2)

Another site with every thing you need to know


Informational Links...

5/09/04-The Sims 2 Music