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The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is the sequel to the best selling pc game of all time. This highly anticipated game is slated for release sometime this year. In The Sims 2, you can "take care" of amazing computerized people called The Sims.However, "take care" is a relative term. You can influence the Sims life in any way you would like, and if that means burning there house down or drowing them in the pool, so be it. If you choose to, you can control every move your Sims make, you control what they like, who they like, what they do, if they bathe, yes The Sims 2 allows its players unlimited control.

New in TS2

Here is a list of some of the things you will get with TS2...

-new 3D gameplay

-life stages (baby, toddler, kid, teen...)

-ownership to personal items (such as knowing which bed is yours)

-big life moments (first kiss, first crush...)

-more elaborate weddings (the wedding is now seperate from the proposal and you can invite guests!)

-you can make appartments

-you can make home movies

-make more than two story homes (I think its no more than 3 levels + basement)

-memories (ex: if you touch the stove as a child and burn your hand, as an adult you will be hesitant twoards cooking in the kitchen)

- more defined facial fetures (no two sims will look alike unless you are twins)*

- more defined personalities (affects the way you walk, think and talk)

*-you can have twins (not common) and triplets (very rare)

-you must "play" to get pregnant

-teenagers cannot get pregnant

-teenagers can run away to community lots

-you can have up to two houses per family (one home and a vacation home)

-you can have sleepovers

-more objects for toddlers than in previous sims games (such as bears, bottles and cribs)

-there will be a community lot where you can go to buy food and clothing

-older sims can have affairs

-you can get cheating if people gossip about it or if your partner sees you

-you can be abducted by aliens

-it has been hinted that men may get pregnant after being abducted by aliens

-from clues from some screenshots, it looks like you can spy on your neighbors

-teens cannot have any romantic relationships with their elders

-finally! the pool water is see-thru

For more information check out the official Faq, you will find the link on My Home Page... or go to one of the sites I have recommended on my Links page.



Days until The Sims Two is Relased>110!